12 mo.
    CGLD 0,12

    Buscar Company

    12 mo.
      GOLD 1711.51

      $ / Troy Ounce

      12 mo.
        SILVER 24.315

        $ / Troy Ounce


        Buscar Company, as a result of merger with Eon Discovery Inc, currently owns ten unpatented mining claims in Plumas National Forest, California, that contain gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and other metals. The claims are owned by our wholly owned subsidiary, EON Discovery, Inc. and operated by EON Mining CA, Inc.

        August 24, 2020 Thomas Heathman providing an update from the mine and whats planed for the week. Listen to the podcast.

        Our current 10 active mining claims cover 200 acres. Our priority initially is to rehabilitate the existing “Ada Vein” mining tunnel that produced solid results in the past and begin mining operations by the end of 2020. The expected output would be 0.25-0.50 oz per ton of raw material.The milestones for the company are as follows:

        Dec 2020 5 tons/day
        June 2021 50 tons/day
        Dec 2021 100 tons/day
        June 2022 200 tons/day
        Dec 2022 300 tons/day
        June 2023 500 tons/day
        August 17, 2020 Thomas Heathman is on-site at the mine. He is providing an update about the condition of the mine on August 17, 2020. Listen to the podcast.
        Buscar Company owns and operates the Treasure Canyon Lode. Buscar Company owns and operates the Treasure Canyon Lode Mine.